Bottled soft drinks EGGENBERG

EGGENBERG soft drinks LINIE series are non-alcoholic drinks with low level of sugar content and caloric value. These drinks are produced of high quality syrups and own water spring, established in 1561 by Jakub Krčín of Jelčany.

Krumlov spring 0,33 L

Natural high quality table water of Šumava mountains

Soda water 0,33 L

Refreshing carbonated water from Šumava spring.

Orange LINIE 0,33 L

Flavoury carbonated drink with orange flavour and aroma

Lemon LINIE 0,33 L

Flavoury carbonated drink with lemon flavour and aroma

Cola LINIE 0,33 L

Carbonated, decaffeinated Cola drink with Cola flavour and aroma.

Tonic water LINIE 0,33 L

Tonic water free of quinine content, with fine bitter flavour.