At the beginning of the filling premises we can see a large bottle washer. It consists of 5 washing tanks; the first one is filled with lye, the second two ones with hot water and the last one with cold water. Bottles are transported here from the yard on a conveyor-belt, they come into the bottom inlet of the washer and the clean ones come out of the washer through the top outlet. Then the bottles continue to undergo light examination. Then they are check visually by the workers and continue to the filling room the so-called mono-block. This mono-block works on a merry-go-round principle: a bottle comes into it and before it drives round and finishes the circle, it is filled with beer. Next to this machine the bottles are plugged. In the next step, every bottle is labelled by a labelling machine. Then the bottles continue to a packing machine that puts them into boxes; the boxes are cleaned in a box-washer. The capacity of the line is 12,000 bottles per hour.