Bottled beer

Brewery Eggenberg produced 7 types of beer supplied on the market under the Eggenberg brand. Beer types: 2 kinds of light draught beer, 2 kinds light lager, dark lager, non-alcoholic beer and beer with lower sugar content. Special dark lager with specific hop and caramel bitterness is produced of unique malt sorts. Eggenberg beer is distributed in bottles 0,5 l or 0,33 l packed to marked bottle crates, multipacks or paper cartons. Light and dark lager, light draught beer are already supplied in 0,5 l cans.

Non-alcoholic light beer Light draught beer Kristián Light draught EGGENBERG
Light lager PETR VOK Light lager EGGENBERG Dark lager EGGENBERG
Nakouřený Švihák Lemon Eggenberg Christmas and Easter lager

Light lager EGGENBERG Light draught beer EGGENBERG Dark lager EGGENBERG

Barrelled beer

  • Light draught beer EGGENBERG 4 % alcohol vol.
  • Light lager PETR VOK 4,5 % alcohol vol.
  • Light lager EGGENBERG 5 % alcohol vol.
  • Dark lager EGGENBERG 4,2 % alcohol vol.
  • Yeasty lager EGGENBERG 5 % alcohol vol.
All products are supplied in KEG 30l a KEG 50 litres

Bottled soft drinks

Soft drink production is target to small packs supplied in bottles 0,33l – product line lemon, orange, cola, tonic water and soda water. All these types have Eggenberg brand. Produced soft drinks are supplied to the market, especially for gastronomic operations, in 30 l or 50 l kegs. Brewery Eggenberg has own spring of high quality water for this soft drink production.

Krumlovský pramen (Krumlov spring) Soda water Lemon Eggenberg

Orange Eggenberg Cola Eggenberg Eggenberg tonic water

Malina Eggenberg

Barrelled soft drinks

  • Soda water EGGENBERG
  • Orange EGGENBERG
All products are supplied in KEG 30l and KEG 50 litres

Beer brandy EGGENBERG

Beer brandy Eggenberg