All beer types are produced exlusively of Czech commodities.

The most imporant commodity and main condition for production of quality Czech beer is quality water, which brewery Eggenberg takes from own srping, established in 1561 by Jakub Krčín of Jelčany and barley malt produced of Czech and Moravian malt, hop from Žatec as well.

Non-alcoholic beer Eggenberg

Beer with negligible alcohol vol., typical gold colouring with fine strong flavour, bitterness and specific frothiness, convenient not only to drivers.

Light draught beer Eggenberg 4% alc.vol.

Light draught beer Eggenberg is typical Czech light draught beer with gold colouring, medium richness of hop bitterness, fine strong flavour and specific frothiness. Alcohol volume 4%.

Light lager PETR VOK 4,5% alc.vol.

Typical Czech light lager with gold colouring, full of richness, strong flavour and frothiness. Alcohol volume 4,5%.

Light lager Eggenberg 5% alc.vol.

Typical South Bohemian deep fermented lager with gold colouring, full of flavour, perfect consistent of bitter-sweetish strong flavour and high frothiness. Alcohol volume 5%.

Dark lager Eggenberg 4,2 alc.vol.

Dark beer Eggenberg is lager beer with full of caramel flavour and aroma, well-consistent hop bitterness, high flavour richness, thick yeast and fine strong flavour. Alcohol volume 4,2%

Light Yeasty lager 5% alc.vol.

Light easty lager is thanks to specific ale yeasts very deep fermented lager full of bitter-sweetish flavour with fine yeasty aroma and strong flavour with hight frothiness. Alcohol volume 5%.